Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Best of Bats (aside)

"Sun slips down and all is still,
and soon we can't tell sky from hill.
Now from barn and cave and rafter,
bats pour out with shrieks of laughter.

The rising moon can grow no fatter
as sky lights up with gleeful chatter:
Quick, call out! Tell all you can reach-
the moon is just perfect for bats at the beach!"

(From the children's book Bats at the Beach, written and illustrated by Brian Lies)

During our recent Halloween investigations, we have discovered bats... these furry, sort-of-scary little creatures seem to fascinate my children - especially my four-year-old daughter. Inspired by their flapping wings and pointed teeth, we worked together to make some bat-y decorations to hang in the house...

There is nothing nicer than watching your children chatter together while they sit and paint - their small fingers carefully holding the paper rolls still as they brush it with browns and black; their giggles and laughter as they glue on the wobbly eyes and fluffy noses and see a face staring back at them; their quiet exclamation when the wings are attached and start to wave with the breeze - wow!... ... their squeals and eventual awe when they see that the paint spread on their ticklish palms and soles can also make a bat-y friend...

Evening story times often end with us tip-toeing out to the verandah, crouching down quietly and watching the sky together - "Do bats really fly to the beach, Mummy?"... We haven't seen one yet, but our own bat-inspired decorations and art works hanging in the house remind us that they are out there...  somewhere...

Paper roll bats.

Foot and hand print bat.

"The next day Stellaluna went to visit the birds.
"Come with me and meet my bat family," said Stellaluna.
"Okay, let's go," agreed Pip.
"They hang by their feet and they fly at night and they eat the best food in the world," Stellaluna explained to the birds on the way.
As the birds flew among the bats, Flap said, "I feel upside down here."
So the birds hung by their feet.
"Wait until dark," Stellaluna said excitedly. "We will fly at night.""

(From the children's book Stellaluna, by Janell Cannon) 


  1. Oh my...these are so cute! I especially like the bat made with hands and feet prints!